Weaving : Inklette Weaving

The Inklette loom is a smaller version of the Inkle Loom. It is used to weave braids on. It creates a warp faced pattern, which means that the design is entirely done in the warping phase.

In this class you will be taught how to make the heddles, read a design draft, warp your inklette and to weave.


What to Bring on the Day

The cost of the class includes the actual Inklette loom (RRP £49.50) as well as the yarns and your tuition. Your loom will be ready at the class for you when you arrive.

You will only need to bring scissors and glasses if you need them.

Tea and Coffee will be provided on the day. Please bring a packed lunch.


The classes are run on an ongoing basis. Please call the shop on 01629 734100 to arrange a date that suits.


The cost of this class is £65 plus materials. It runs from 10 am until 4 pm. The cost of the class includes a new Inklette loom and yarns so you may continue your practice at home.

“I haven’t used my sewing machine for years and was quite nervous about starting again. I needn’t have worried, the course was taken at my pace and there was loads of help from Anne. I’m looking forward to the rest of the training days in the ‘Block’ and have resolved to keep sewing!!”

Sally Johnson, Block a Month

“I booked the Block a Month early this year and it’s been fabulous. I have had loads of help from Anne and the team and feel much more confident in my sewing skills now. Let’s just say a few family members will be getting homemade Christmas presents this year. Next year, I may give embroidery a try!!”

Adele Blount, Block a Month Course

Learn and practice a range of Weaving Skills

Please call us to arrange a training date.

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